5 Home Decorating Tips to Help your Wall Art Shine

Your home is the one place in the world you can change and redecorate to suit yourself and reflect who you are. Wall art is an essential part of the mix.

For your wall art to shine, your home, be it an ultra-modern apartment, condo or a farmstead, has to be at its best. If it isn’t, it can become a real eyesore and spoil everything.

So, here are five tips on getting the basics right.

Tip 1: Be a Detail Hawk.

In decorating, detail is everything. Unless a wall is meant to be a feature, it shouldn’t attract attention to itself.

Make sure crack and hole filling work is super smooth and flush with the surrounding plaster. You will see ripples through the topcoat.

Pay attention to skirting boards, door frames and cornices. If any of these are badly painted or chipped and scuffed, they will bring the tone down.

Tip 2: Colour Selection.

Colour selection is an emotional thing, not a rational thing.

Analyse the colours in your wall art and select complimentary and contrasting colours to make your art really pop as opposed to being “kinda--okay”.

For your final selection, become a “paint-swatch-hog”; raid your paint supplier’s swatch collection – take handfuls.

Back at home, the final decision must be made in the room where the paint will be used.

Light is a tricky thing. Paste your swatches on all the walls and then return through the day to see how the ambient light is affecting them. Don’t rush this stage. If you still can’t decide, buy sample cans of the competing colours and paint big swatches on the walls.

Tip 3: The Psychology of Colour

Colours can be stimulating, calming or just meh! So choose carefully.

Apart from the well-documented effects of reds, oranges, greens and blues and so on, you can make a room feel cool and expansive or warm and cozy with the right base colours and highlights.

An office or study will need calming or neutral tones. A living room can be cool and relaxing while a kitchen can be vibrant and exciting.

Tip 4: Paint Finishes - Eggshell, Gloss and Matt

Paint finishes have specific uses.

Satin or eggshell are best for most walls. The colours have life, small defects won’t show and your lighting won’t flare off the walls.

Save gloss for skirting boards and door frames. They usually have good surfaces and the gloss adds nice highlights.

Matt paint is for ceilings and badly finished walls. Ceilings must reflect light without intruding. Matt white will do this.

Walls with major defects might look better with a matt finish. The light won’t reflect off the surface defects. 

Tip 5: Wall Art - The Clincher

Wall art can take any space in your home from mundane to sensational, but remember, choose wall art you really connect with emotionally. Never settle for something because it looks good on someone else’s wall or in a catalogue. The only secret to selecting the right wall art is you.

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