Bring Art Work into Your Home – Your Life Could Depend on it.

Your home is your oasis. The English were a little more grandiose about it: A man’s home is his castle.

 But we get it. Home is a place you go to leave the world behind; a place to regroup and regain your sense of balance and composure. Homes are places we make our own. We hang decorations on the walls, furnish them with things that relax us and paint the exterior a colour that pleases us, but not the neighbours, necessarily.

The Colour of Home

But here’s an issue. What do you have on your walls: Paintings of buildings, pictures of people, streets, flowers, trees, animals? And did you know the paintings and pictures on your walls affect you psychologically and emotionally – choosing the right ones is vital to your health?

Time for a Change?

If Your Art Does This to You..

 ...Maybe You Need to Change it up a Little

While you are free to decide your taste in art, you aren’t really free to decide how the paintings and photographs on your walls affect your moods and happiness; even your blood pressure and the functioning of your immune system.

How Does this Make you Feel

Sound a bit sceptical? Unfortunately, evidence, both anecdotal, and scientific, shows we are highly susceptible to the images that surround us.

Men in Beds

One of the clearest investigations into how our environments affect us took place in a hospital post-op ward. Patients recuperating from surgery were observed to see if their surroundings affected their recovery rates. There were two groups: One occupied beds facing out onto the hospital gardens; the other had a view of a brick wall.

It takes no imagination to work out which group recovered the quickest, had far less reliance on pain killers and were able to walk out of the ward in less time than it took the other group to recover. That’s right. The guys facing the wall languished while the garden guys were good to go.

Brain Scan Backup

While the post-op ward evidence was pretty conclusive, an observation using MRI nailed it down. Researchers investigating what makes people happy, sad, depressed, violent and all the rest, hooked a group of volunteers up to an MRI unit. They then monitored the volunteers’ neural responses to images of forests, trees, animals (probably both wild and cuddly) and images of suburbia, inner cities, traffic, skyscrapers, crowded sidewalks and life in a rush.

 Subject and Calming Colours

Again, no prizes for guessing which way the results pointed: The nature images lit up the empathy, love and peace areas of the brain; urban scenes fired the anxiety,  fear and stress neurons.

The Message in this Bottle: It really matters.

The pictures you hang on your walls have a profound effect on your wellbeing. Choose nature and you will live a healthier, happier and probably longer life.

The good news gets better. The MRI experiment and others like it show you don’t need to actually get into the woods to reap the benefits of being in nature. Seeing pictures of nature is just as beneficial and fires all the same responses in your brain, endocrine system and immune system.

It's a Fact – Looking at Nature Heals Your Mind

Photo Art to the Rescue

At GreenEarthArtWorks, we have an eco-friendly treasure trove of PhotoArt that will soothe your troubled mind and relax your soul like nothing else can. Select pictures that complement the style of each room in your home and benefit from their calming influence wherever you are. Drop into our gallery and see for yourself.

We are fully Eco-Friendly

When you order, you will be sure of supporting a fully eco-friendly operation. Everything we do is aimed at minimising our carbon footprint and yours. From the materials we use for our works of photo art to the packaging we ship in, “green” is the word.


Pay us a visit. Your soul will thank you.

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