Planet Earth is Dying

Planet Earth is Dying – We Need to Save It 

Green Earth Artworks is a company with a mission – to do everything we can to combat global warming and pollution.


We believe if every person is aware of the issues surrounding global warming and the parallel catastrophe that is plastic pollution, there is a chance the tide can be turned before the disaster is complete.

But we all have to react now, in whatever way we can. No single person, company or society can do it alone.

What Action is Green Earth Artworks Taking?

All our processes are eco-friendly and pollutant free.

We use the Verde fastframe™ system which has these advantages:

  • Made from 25% reclaimed polystyrene material. All manufacturing off cuts are recycled into the product.
  • Ships in knock-down form which means far less packaging (which is also eco-friendly).

Our printing processes are as green as printing processes can possibly be, comprising water based inks and dye-sublimation processes which you can read more about here.

By adopting this sustainable model, we are ensuring we are independent of wood related products. This leaves the trees standing to trap carbon dioxide while generating the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Enough about Us, What Difference Can You Make?

If you think, for a moment, you are too small to matter, then remember the ancient Indian story used to illustrate the power of exponential growth.

You and your friends and colleagues can apply the power of exponential growth to reversing the effects of global warming and pollution.

If you persuade four friends to take action and those four, in turn, persuade four more, you immediately have 21 active people. With only six levels you have over 4 000 people all doing something positive.

Still think you can’t make a difference? Take a look at what one man and his 84 year-old neighbour achieved in Mumbai.

How Does This Affect All of Us?

If we don’t prevent further warming and destruction of our planet, we don’t get another chance.  

Taking plastics alone, out of all the pollution and contamination streams, the picture is extremely grim.

We must promote the re-use and recycling of existing plastic, curb the production of new plastic and discourage the use of single-use plastic packaging and utensils.

If we don’t, by the year 2050 (that’s only 33 years away!) the oceans of the world will contain more plastic than fish and other sea life.

This is partly because a lot of plastic garbage ends up in our oceans. When it arrives there, it floats and drifts. Plastic bags resemble jelly fish while plastic microbeads, found in things like facial scrubs and toothpaste look like food to fish. Nylon rope and netting act as ligatures.

Altogether, millions of sea creatures are killed every year by drowning, strangulation and starvation. Everything from whales to seals to albatrosses wash up dead; entangled in waste or with stomachs full of plastic garbage.

The Other Side of Plastic – Making it

Plastic is a petrochemical product. Which means oil.

Plastic manufacture accounts about 4% of the world’s oil consumption.

Every day, an estimated 93 million barrels of oil and liquid fuel are used globally. In litres, that’s fourteen billion eight hundred and eighty million. It’s also where things stop making sense and become hard to grasp.

Our Trees and Oceans Can’t Cope

The pace at which greenhouse gases are produced is far greater than the earth’s capacity to neutralise or destroy them. Our trees and oceans simply can’t cope.

Pulling carbon out of the atmosphere is a far slower process than producing it. To absorb the carbon output of a single person per year, takes about 48 trees.

It’s not too Late

Join us in our quest to follow ecologically friendly and sustainable life-style and business models.

Photo: New World Edge, Tyler Templeman,

If we all make the effort, global warming will be slowed and plastic pollution minimised.

One day, soon, it is going to be too late; but as the Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time in now.”

Let’s do it.

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