What Makes Us Green And Our Photo Art Unique?

"THE" Eco-Art Solution for Your Walls

GreenEarthArtworks™ is an eco-friendly online Photo Art Gallery offering a green solution for your walls. With a variety of outstanding photo art images available from our Photo Artists, you now have a greener way to display your artwork. 

If you speak Spanish or Italian, then you know that verde means green – and the Verde fastframe™ we utilize certainly lives up to its name.

Manufactured in Canada, this innovative gallery wrap (the image wraps around the edges of the fast frame) art stretcher system is made with up to 25% reclaimed materials as well as 100% of all manufacturing waste recycled back into the product and ships to you in a light and compact carton for a smaller carbon footprint. It’s easily assembled and you’ll have your art hanging on the wall in minutes. 

The Verde fastframe tough polystyrene frame is made to last and to be re-used over and over.  And the best part is that you can easily replace your artwork over and over again. Simply order a new panel exclusively from GreenEarthArtworks and replace the artwork on your own, without the need of special tools. Giving your home or office that special festive feel for any occasion.

For an even smaller carbon footprint, GreenEarthArtworks prints photo artwork with eco-friendly graphic fabrics, papers and inks. GreenEarthArtworks photo art is made entirely from eco-friendly materials and is completely recyclable.

Why consider GreenEarthArtworks with the exclusive Verde fastframe™?

The Verde fastframe is an innovative art stretcher system uniquely engineered to be assembled quickly and easily, and re-used over and over again for years to come. 

Your GreenEarthArtworks print will be shipped in a light, compact recyclable carton.

The Verde fastframe assembles in minutes with just three easy steps, with no tools required and no loose parts to worry about!

And as a big value-added benefit, the Verde fast frame can be re-used again and again. Simply insert a new artwork in place of the old one a process so easy it nearly anyone can do it.

A Greener Choice 

People today know that being eco-friendly in all aspects of our lives is good for our planet and essential for our future. 

When we consider products and services in our lives we should choose them while keeping our environment in mind. From the choice of materials to package design, GreenEarthArtworks offers quality artwork produced with the environment in mind. 

This is a one-of-a-kind green art solution for your walls. It looks good and is great for the planet.

Our Printing Process

GreenEarthArtworks also reduces the environmental impact within our printing processes. We’re committed to using environmentally friendly procedures, inks, and supplies. Our inks are water-based so there are no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) going back into the environment. 

Dye-sublimation is a process used to print on polyester and other synthetic fabrics – the greenest printing method available. Dye sublimation is a disperse dye suspended in water. No dye builds up on the fabric or gets into the water system like other dyeing processes.

The selected image is printed on a coated heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse image and then transferred onto a polyester fabric using a heat press at 375C.  The high temperature and pressure turns the dye into a gas and permeates the fabric and then solidifies to the fibres. This allows the fabric to be permanently dyed so it can be washed without damaging the quality of the image. The colours, tones and density remain vibrant and can print all the way to the edges easily replicating any image or photograph.

FSC® and RFA Certified Paper

GreenEarthArtworks’ print division, Resource Integrated Ltd., is FSC certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Recognized worldwide as the most rigorous and credible forest certification system, the Forest Stewardship Council® tracks tree-derived products from the forest floor to the consumer’s door to ensure these come from a responsibly managed forest. 

For further information about our eco-friendly photo art, please direct your questions to: info@GreenEarthArtworks.com